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Plastic free tea packaging

Organic teas of highest quality presented in ecological and environmentally friendly packaging – plastic free.

This is what characterises our tea line AMBAR.

Organic whole leaf tea in biodegradable pyramid tea bags and individually enveloped – plastic-free packaging. Ten delicious flavours for tea lovers who are looking for something different. A real enjoyment.

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Shining a Light on Eco-Consciousness for the Planet

We cordially welcome you to AMBAR, a realm where the enchantment of nature harmoniously intertwines with a profound sense of ecological responsibility. Delight in our assortment of organic whole leaf teas and infusions, expertly crafted to invigorate your senses while nurturing the environment we cherish. Your journey towards sustainable flavors commences right here!
Experience the tender embrace of our biodegradable pyramid bag, enveloping your tea with love and care, leaving behind no trace of plastic waste. In adherence to our plastic-free commitment, both our envelope and box are tastefully adorned, reflecting our dedication to preserving the planet. Discover the captivating allure of AMBAR with each exquisite sip, as you relish the empowering sensation of selecting a product that reciprocates your love for our environment.
Engulf yourself in the essence of sustainability and its awe-inspiring wonders. As you embark on this gratifying voyage, our teas will serve as a timeless reminder of your dedication to a greener future. Join us in elevating the art of tea drinking to an unparalleled experience of eco-consciousness.