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Rooibos tea – organic

Rooibos is a plant that comes from South Africa. After harvesting and drying, it becomes a reddish-brown infusion. It has a unique earthy and nutty flavour – caffeine free.

Rooibos from South Africa - caffeine free and organic

Rooibos is not tea, as it does not come from the Camellia sinensis plant. It comes from the stems and leaves of a bush native to South Africa, which translates 'red bush'. It is a tisane and does not contain theine/caffeine.
Rooibos has an intense red appearance and a natural sweet taste, it is a very popular tea variety, due to its great health benefits and warming aroma. An excellent and healthy alternative to teas which contain caffeine or theine.
You can order our organic and natural Rooibos tea online – it comes in different formats and packaging.

Potential Health benefits of Rooibos tea

• Contains magnesium, zinc, calcium and antioxidant components
• Can help to lower blood pressure
• Strengthens bones and teeth
• Improves cardiovascular health
• Helps to relax the digestive system
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