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Tea packaging – no plastic

High quality organic teas, in plastic free packaging – respecting our natural environment. This is what our AMBAR tea line stands for. Whole leaf teas, packaged in biodegradable tea pyramids and envelope – 0% plastic. Ten delicious tea flavours for those tea lovers who are looking for something different. A real enjoyment.

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A strong commitment to sustainability and ecology

Plastic waste has emerged as a major environmental concern, with millions of tons generated yearly, primarily due to single-use packaging. Nonetheless, the introduction of new packaging technologies offers promising strides in tackling this pressing environmental challenge. Semper Tea is dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment, and our mission is to eradicate plastic materials from our packaging while embracing sustainable alternatives. The launch of our AMBAR tea line marks a significant milestone in our journey to reduce our ecological footprint. Our commitment extends beyond delightful tea experiences for our customers; we actively aim to contribute positively to the environment.

By adopting sustainable components and eco-friendly practices, we hope to foster a greener and cleaner planet for future generations to enjoy. With each cup of AMBAR tea, our customers join us in promoting sustainable living, as together, we take meaningful steps towards a more eco-conscious future. At Semper Tea, we envision a world where tea enjoyment and environmental responsibility intertwine harmoniously.

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