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CORAL – Tea in biodegradable pyramids

CORAL is our most sophisticated tea line. Organic teas in biodegradable pyramid bags that stand out with their delicate aromas, superior quality and excellent presentation. Each tea pyramid is individually packaged in a small designer box.

Luxury tea in an exclusive presentation for gourmets of taste

Indulge in the opulence of our luxury tea, elegantly presented to satisfy the most discerning gourmets. Step into a world of sensory delight with our exclusive tea collection. Unveil the magnificence of twelve exquisite varieties of premium organic teas and infusions, crafted from whole leaves, a testament to nature's finest.
Our presentation is a captivating fusion of artistry and sustainability. Embrace the convenience of our biodegradable pyramid-shaped pouches, nestled within individually designed boxes, preserving the essence and quality of each tea. For connoisseurs of luxury, our wooden boxes and displays exude sophistication, elevating the gifting experience for yourself or that special someone.
Embark on a magical journey of flavors and aromas as you immerse yourself in the world of tea.
Discover the unparalleled pleasure of savoring each sip with us, creating unforgettable moments that celebrate the essence of luxury and indulgence:
  • premium organic teas and infusions
  • leaf tea
  • biodegradable pyramid bag in individual design packaging
  • 12 exquisite varieties
  • unique presentation in wooden boxes and displays