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Loose organic leaf tea in glass

Explore CRYSTAL, our collection of organic bulk tea beautifully presented in sophisticated glass jars and tubes. A distinctive and ideal choice for tea lovers, corporate gifting, business gifts, events, or wedding favors.

Tea-riffic gifts to steal the spotlight

Explore our captivating tea gifts: CRYSTAL, a modern and elegant presentation, tailor-made for tea lovers, corporate events, weddings, or as thoughtful keepsakes.
With their pure flavors and eco-conscious packaging, these loose teas in charming jars or test tubes make for a truly delightful gift.
Each package enhances the tea's beauty and preserves its freshness impeccably.
This tealine boasts a diverse range of flavors, from classic blends to exclusive creations, ensuring the perfect gift for any special occasion.
Embrace the enchanting allure of tea and the sophistication of CRYSTAL while making a positive impact on the environment. Gift the joy of an unforgettable tea experience with CRYSTAL, a treasure to cherish for a lifetime:
  • premium organic teas & infusions in bulk
  • leaf tea
  • in a jar or tube
  • 10 delicious varieties