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Buy teas and infusions in biodegradable pyramid bag

Buy teas and tisanes in a biodegradable pyramid bag. Environmental awareness is gaining more and more strength, especially in the area of packaging of everyday consumer products.
Some 70 years ago, plastics became a mass-produced product. Since then, 8.3 billion tonnes have been produced; after most of their short-term use, most of them are stored in landfills or fall into our environment.
We are aware of this problem.
This year we have changed our toast in a pyramid bag to 100% biodegradable and compostable. This material is made from corn starch and has no synthetic additives. It does not affect the taste of tea or infusion. It is silky to the touch.

Loose leaf tea in a 100% biodegradable pyramid bag

Loose leaf tea or tea bag? If you feel that your customers come mainly for the tea ceremony, they might appreciate loose leaf tea. In our experience, loose-leaf tea has several disadvantages in the hotel industry.
A considerable amount of logistics and hardware is required to present. Maintaining quantity, and therefore taste, quality and cost, requires more care and the whole procedure requires more time.

The quality of organic loose-leaf tea in a compostable pyramid bag

Discerning customers are very satisfied with the taste and quality of Semper Tea's organic loose-leaf tea in pyramid-shaped tea bags.
They leave enough space for the flavour of the tea to infuse fully and our premium lines are not only organic tea, but also come in biodegradable pyramid sachets.

100% Biodegradable and eye-catching design

But whatever tea you offer: it is very important not to underestimate the importance of presentation. Average packaging and low-quality envelopes or boxes can detract from the quality of your content and ruin the customer experience.
In general, the clientele interested in tea is also interested in its health qualities, so offering some or all of the tés ecológicos sería beneficioso. A person who does not care would always drink an organic tea, while the health-conscious person might reject non-organic tea lines.
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