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Black Tea – organic

Black tea is one of the varieties obtained from the Camellia sinensis plant. It is characterised by its high caffeine content and its strong aroma.

About Black tea

Black tea is the most consumed tea in the world.
The different varieties of tea depend on the degree of oxidation of the leaves and Black tea has one of the highest. This results in a relatively high content of caffeine and its strong aroma.
At Semper Tea we offer a wide variety of organic Black teas, with different aromas, flavours and origins: Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Darjeeling. Any of these teas are flavoursome with an intense and stimulating aroma. Ideal as the first cup of tea in the morning to start the day full of energy.
Enjoy our organic Black teas, choose your favourite format and design in our online store.

Potential Health benefits of Black tea

• High in antioxidants and minerals
• Can stimulate the immune system and metabolism
• Helps to reduce cardiovascular problems
• Helps to improve attention and alertness
• Energising
• Helps to improve blood circulation
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