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Tea in classic tea bags

Welcome to our classic tea line: PEARL. Explore the spectrum of organic teas, each beautifully presented in tea bags, bursting with exquisite flavors and vibrant colors.

Feel good with a cup of tea

Embark on a delightful journey with our selection of eight organic teas, elegantly wrapped in classic individual bags.
Each sip is a pampering experience, providing the ideal choice for every occasion. Relish the comforting and unmatched flavors that will complement your special moments and everyday routine.
Uncover the exceptional quality and versatility of our collection, delivering a distinct and gratifying journey with every cup. Dare to explore and enjoy our carefully selected organic teas!
A tea that can be enjoyed at any time:
  • organic teas & herbal infusions
  • classic pouch in individual envelope
  • 8 varieties
  • presentation in box and display