Tea for coffee and tea shops



Semper Tea is your ally for organic teas and tisanes in bars and cafés, with a wide range of flavours and different formats. An opportunity to create an unique experience for your clients.

Your ally in the hospitality industry – Semper Tea

We provide you with the organic teas and herbal teas that best suit your business. With 100% plastic-free and biodegradable bags.

Choosing the right tea selection

Semper Tea will make you stand out for its high quality organic teas. We offer creative and original solutions for your shop.

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How to stand out from the crowd

Tea: the popular and trendy drink. With all its health benefits and original taste, tea is becoming trendier and highly appreciated.

Superior quality and eye-catching design

Tea dispensers and boxes that ensure tidiness and neatness behind the counter or in the self-service area. Aesthetic and functional – showing your customers how much you care about quality, design and effective service.